Living The Private Life

This blog will encapsulate everything you must do to become private and hide yourself from the prying eyes of America, the internet (which they own) and 3 Letter Agencies.

Because they own it, that technically means they can see everything that is on it. This is what it means by "on the web, nothing disappears." Even deleting doesn't delete stuff! It still has a cache of that file somewhere. As Edward says...

The internet is inherently made insecure, and now it is up to us to fight against this injustice and take back our freedom.

I do my absolute best to find the most private and secure apps to use for your day-to-day life. I find that most people skimp out on the very basic and as such, important things when reviewing what to use, and others dont look hard enough at the subtleties of the Privacy Policy and what that means when it comes to your data and how/what they collect. I am determined to do this, and thus, I pick the best apps which I think are fully private and secure. I am 100% committed to using what I recommend, and as such, i never post on bootube, fakebook, or the like. i dont care if a lot of humans use it and say things like, "well, to get views, then you should post there. i say you shouldn't post, bc views dont matter; the message does. Also, if you give a company a reason to stick around, they will. I will always find free and open-source alternatives to what I use online, and extend that to my life, as well (cash/prepaid cards and transparent, ethical products). I hope that you too, can follow in my steps, and we can make the world a better, healthier, free-er! and more private place.

And remember, the most secure device, is an offline one.



Google | fakebook-minds | Twitter-nitter/mastodon Snapchat- you shouldnt be sending so many pics/photos of yourself, anyway! | shitstagram- same thing. ultimate spyware. used to keep track of everyones doing. Delete. | whatsapp- Briar or XMPP (telegram has weak, homemade encryption) but Signal still asks for your number, so until they change to pins, be wary. Also, you cant add contacts on it without a phone. also, xmpp apps are chatsecure(crapple) and conversations (any other phone.) | other ways of chatting: xmpp/irc/qtox (p2p chat) | misscord- riot (its okay if you really like that ui feel, but i wouldnt use it. They haven't been audited yet, so who knows if their privacy claims are accurate?) SHAMaZON- buy from the store/sites directly, or support your local warehouse stores

  • gmail, outlook, yahoo- tutanota, posteo, dismail. (g's business is selling data. How do you think they're so rich?)
  • g search- swisscows
  • for shopping, use VMs and buy the product in there instead of your host OS.
  • ms office- libreoffice
  • noober/lyft- take a bus, you'll save lots of money and the time and energy of many underpaid and overworked "contractors".
  • Skipthedishes/doordash/noobereats- call the restaurant. Many take orders for delivery anyway. These companies are destroying small businesses and taking money out of consumers pockets for the sake of "convenience".
  • Umatrix
  • Privacy Possum
  • cookie autodelete
  • https everywhere
  • decentraleyes
  • keepassXC (useful if you like logging into places often)
  • and dark reader :)
    icecat config
  • TPRB (Third-Party Request Blocker) Very good.
  • firefox, chrome, edge- icecat, iridium, qute
  • mint, to start
  • manjaro, if u like Arch
  • elementary, for an artsy feel
  • kde, for a nice dekstop feel and extreme customization
  • mullvad
  • airvpn
    bad game companies
  • ea.
  • rockstar
  • blizzard (refused to pay a tournament winner bc he supported hong kong. Unacceptable.)
  • ubisoft
  • activision
    Why GNU/Linux is great
  • NO COST!
  • NO ADS!
  • fun commands!
  • Easy access to retro games!!
  • full control over your desktop!!!
  • no automatic updates!!!!
    Cool Linux Apps
  • video- vlc/celluloid
  • music- rhythmbox
  • painting- mypaint, sai, krita (if you can stand it)
    Tor is fine, but remember, you are only anonymous, not private. As on the net, someone can still see what you're doing. hey just don't know its you.
    Use gopher instead of http.
    make sure to support small developers who create small projects, like nitter, invidious, and liberapay!

    Those Darn Schools!

    why do schools insist on using windows, macs and signing you up, involuntarily, by sending your personal info to services like microsoft email, adobe and the like? and now zoom, as well? this is atrocious betrayal of our rights, and we should fight back. Get a group and write to your dean about how this is seriously harmful to our privacy online and in the real world, and how they should switch their services to things less invasive.

    few other things schools use: id's (unneccessary), RFID cards (easily hack/clonable) still using insecure http protocol, putting your grades online (which mean they're there forever), forcing you to logon to silly services just to go through the program and to talk to your teacher (bc some teachers only post on the weird portal some schools have, as opposed to actually sending emails out to everyone), actually complaining about you using a personal email instead of the school one (by doing so, they can keep track of all emails since it is their servers AND the providers' servers, again, forever) and lets not forget about MAC address tracking, too. Better spoof that.

    About Business

    Resaurants dont need a website, imo. only stores that sell things. because people will eat there by way of walking or driving past it. ive never seen a food site and said, "wow, i really want to travel somewere far and wide to eat there!" no. i eat locally. and so it supports my city.

    it is easier to buy online, ill admit, albeit inherently less secure. i guess its expensive to run a brick-and-mortar, but at least you dont have to provide your SIN and your first born to buy something. i dont buy much stuff, anyway. my hope is that we replace all the conventional businesses with millions of dollars that arent exactly ethical, and replace them with new ones that understand the gravity of their actions.

    All of the stuff ive bought, ive never seen an ad for, or visited their website, save for jewellery once, and then they opened a store in a local mall. now i dont buy there bc its expensive and i dont like jewellery. Everything else, food, i see and walk in, and certain items that make my life better, i do research online. If humans like your product, they'll talk about it and tell others.

    I never see ads because I block them! And if u do make a site, you can make a great one in html/css, with no scripts!

    I dont see the problem of just sending in html forms and fulfilling the orders as you usually would. Why do businesses use shopify?? youre just putting in, and paying a middleman for something one can do themselves easily.

    Chinese Disservices

  • For your own sake as well as all of other Chinese citizens and the rest of the world, please, get off Wechat altogether. its owned by Tencent, a VERY large conglomerate, and collects an ENORMOUS amount of data on each user.
  • Baidu, Weibo, Alibaba, AliExpress, and other apps are equally as terrible.

    It is widely known for a long time, that China spies on its citizens, especially on the web, and it has been known to tamper with technology made there, such as computers. So be cognizant of this. Never use chinese apps that come from the state and have big market shares (which includes Tencent). For small devleopers, of course their apps are much better. But you must still be wary of their privacy practices like any app, and read their privacy policy always.